How the Cloud Can Improve Your Small Business

For growing small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to start a new business venture, efficiency is vital.

The first few weeks will be make or break of a company, and forebode how the business fares in the months that follow.

While approximately 90% of businesses already using the cloud to some extent in the day-to-day running of their business, it’s most likely that small businesses are a major part of the 10% not yet making the most of the cloud.

Here’s why your small business should jump on cloud technology, and how it can help you and your team become efficient.

Easier collaboration

Being able to work with other entrepreneurs and build a strong and loyal workforce is vital for small businesses to be able to succeed.

Once built, teams must be able to collaborate together easily to create successful campaigns and projects.

Cloud technology allows multiple users to access files at the same time and work together with minimal disruption. This can include anything from creating documents, sharing files and working simultaneously on inputting data.

Cloud is able to cut out lengthy processes where files would need to be saved, emailed, edited and sent back, making collaborating with the rest of your team an absolute doddle.

Remote working

54% of UK office workers are now able to work remotely, a figure that would be much lower without the use of the cloud.

Remote working allows commuters to save time and energy which can instead be put into their work, and helps new parents integrate back to their work more comfortably.

Because cloud technology can be accessed from a device anywhere, it means you can give your employees (and yourself) the work benefits they require to have a productive day, and to be at their most efficient.

Room for growth

For small businesses, having the flexibility to grow is vital and can be one of the main reasons many don’t succeed.

Adopting cloud technology from an early stage means your business will have to room and flexibility to grow much more smoothly later down the line.

You’re easily able to add and remove users of your cloud data, and often cloud software comes with price ranges focused on the number of users or the amount of services you’ll require according to the size of your business.

As these can be easily altered, it makes cloud technology the sensible option in comparison to installed software.

Do you want your business to become more efficient by using the cloud? Get started by signing up to Pandle for free!

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