Freelancers: Fight Back Against Post-Summer Sadness!

I’m sitting here writing this to the sound of rain. Lots of rain. And I have the light on because it’s so dark indoors. Yesterday, I was slapping on the sun tan lotion and reaching for an ice-cold drink every time I exerted myself. But all the indications are that our bonus last-minute heat wave is over in the UK and autumn is here, with its ever-shortening, darker days and the threat of wet, gloomy winter.

But don’t let it get to you! Fight back by:

Staying Sociable

It’s very easy to retreat into our shell in the winter, but this won’t help! The internet is a great way to stay in touch, but it’s no substitute for seeing people in person. So ensure you make time to network, attend events, and meet up with friends or work contacts for a coffee or lunch from time to time.

Staying Active

I’ve written many times about the dangers of sitting for too long, even if you’re a regular exerciser; it’s not just your joints but your health as a whole that you’re putting at risk by staying chair-bound for long periods. Exercise is even more important if you’re feeling gloom-struck; you need those feel-good endorphins! So even if a gym session or exercise class isn’t your thing, find something that is – or just go for a walk. This has the added benefit of helping with my next recommendation:

Staying in the Light

Light affects a whole series of chemical processes that control our mood, motivation, hunger and energy levels. Even in the darker months, it’s important to get out in the daylight every day to keep our bodies and minds operating smoothly. Try to work by a window if you’re stuck indoors.

Staying Motivated

Ensure you give yourself treats to look forward to, and make specific plans for that cash you’re earning. Now can be a good time to look at productivity apps and timers that will help keep you on track, monitor your progress and remind you that it’s time to take a break. 

Happy autumn!



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