Pandle August Updates

Now we know what you’re thinking. ‘Ahem, where are our July updates?’. Well, we’re glad you asked.

Given that the redesign went live last month, we thought you might have had your fill of Pandle updates, which is why we simply put together a nifty guide on how to activate the redesign and navigate around it.

It’s back to business as usual this month though, and we’ve got plenty of things to update you on.

August has seen us put the finishing touches to the new Pandle UI and you may have noticed we’ve pushed the redesign into full use, so no more BETA.

While it’s now in full use, we still want to hear about any information or opinions you have on the redesign, so please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

New features

Bank feeds

It might feel like we’ve been banging on about bank feeds forever, but excitingly, these will be coming to Pandle shortly.

Bank feeds will be available through a partnership with Yodlee and will cut out the need for CSV imports. They’ll allow us to apply algorithms to better understand your transactions, helping with automatic categorisation.

Read more about how Pandle’s bank feeds will benefit your business here.

Mobile App/API

Many of you have been eager for Pandle’s app to be released, and while we can’t specify a specific time frame, we can say it’s underway!

The app will first allow you to quickly invoice customers, and later will include lots of other features that are already available on the main Pandle site.

Small Changes…

  • VAT country code now shows on your invoices to European customers
  • Some of you felt that the font size on the latest version of Pandle was a too small so we have increased it slightly
  • Row heights were sometimes affected by long transaction descriptions. This has been rectified now so all row heights are consistent
  • Additional date formats have been added to the custom bank import tool
  • Non-UK postcodes can now be used for your customers and suppliers.

Coming Soon

Invoice Customisation

This is one of the most common requests we receive.

We want to keep our Pandle users happy, which is why so we’ll be working on various invoice templates and designs for users to choose from.

Invoices will be tailored for the way users bill, for instance, for time or products.

News: Making Tax Digital

HMRC are introducing Making Tax Digital (MTD) in April 2019, which will mean business owners will make regular submissions through accounting software like Pandle rather than completing a tax return after the year end.

This will first be required by sole traders and partnerships who have a turnover of more than £10,000, with the requirement for limited companies coming later on.

The idea is that business owners will submit summary data consisting of the business income and expenses to HMRC every quarter, with a deadline of 9 months after the year end to submit an end of year declaration.

This means that businesses will have to keep on top of their records on a regular basis (if they don’t already) and pay towards their tax bill more frequently.

We are working closely with HMRC to ensure Pandle is ready for MTD. Read more about how Pandle can help you prepare for MTD here.

Got anything you’d like to see come to Pandle? Or just want to let us know you’re enjoying the redesign? Leave us a comment below!

Article has been edited in line with the Making Tax Digital deadline extension published on 5th September

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