Pandle Bank Feeds Are on Their Way

You probably already know that we’re planning on rolling out a user interface redesign this month for users. Along with the redesign, we’ll be introducing automatic bank feeds to Pandle.

This is thanks to our partnership with US based Yodlee, a financial data platform specialising in banking solutions.

Currently to import bank transactions, you have to log into your online bank account, download your bank statement as a CSV, then log into your Pandle account and import the bank statement file. This is quite a time consuming task, which is why we’re bringing your bank feeds straight to your Pandle account. Instead of having to do this, your bank feed will now have an automatically created list of your banking transactions in Pandle.

By adding automatic bank feeds we will also be able to apply algorithms that understand your transactions and will help automatic categorisation – saving you even more time.

If you’re worried about the security of your financial information, rest assured that we chose to partner with Yodlee because of their focus on security and dedication to keeping your financial information safe.

They’re as keen to make sure your data stays safe as we are and maximise their Information Security Program (ISP) by focusing on three areas; information security, network security and application security. Even if that sounds like gobbledegook to you, we promise it means your financial information is in safe hands.

Bank feeds will be available to users when the redesign goes live, which is estimated to be Friday 15th July 2016.

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