Keeping Up With the Competition: Flexible Working

Over 80% of employees feel more productive when working from home, according to a report by Powwownow. Out of these, 44% said being able to get work done without distractions is the most attractive aspect of flexible working.

More than 77% of employers say flexible working leads to a better work life balance and more motivated staff, resulting in increased productivity. As a result, it is fast becoming a necessary for businesses to consider flexible working to keep up with the competition.

Why flexible working works

More and more workers are becoming drawn to flexible working, with a growing number of employers happy to accommodate.

40% of workers stated that the reason they would apply for flexible working would be to cut down on travel time, meaning they would be able to save time and energy and generally be less stressed.

Flexible working also means that employees are not measured on time spent in the office, instead measuring on their performance output. This motivates employees to be more productive rather than spend longer on the same task.

Flexible working isn’t just a smart move for employees. Employers can recruit the best talent from around the world, rather than being restricted by location.

The companies accommodating to flexible workers are the ones who will become market leaders in the future, so don’t turn your nose up next time an employee asks!

Applying for flexible working

Currently employees can apply for flexible working by making a statutory application. Employees must have worked with the company for 26 weeks and must write to the employer with their request.

Employers then have 3 months to consider the request, unless a longer amount of time is agreed with the employee. If the employer agrees the terms and conditions of the employee’s contract must be changed.

If you disagree with the request, you must write the reasons for refusal to the employee. See how to handle a request for flexible working in the ‘Acas Code of Practice’.

Are you open to your employees applying for flexible working? Or should they stick to coming to the office like everyone else? Leave your comments in the section below!



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