Pandle May Updates

We’ve got plenty of exciting news for you from May, so grab a cuppa and a rich tea while we tell you the latest.

During the last month we’ve welcomed two new developers to the team along with a UI/UX expert, which means we’ll be able to update and improve Pandle much more quickly for all our lovely users.

This month we’ve been working hard on our major user interface redesign. We’ve also been busy implementing some great new features, which we can’t wait to share with you.

New Features

Companies House validations

This month we‘ve added the ability for Pandle to ‘talk’ to Companies House to add further validations to user’s data.

This will allow us to compare information like financial year end, address and filing dates with the information in Pandle and alert our users if there are discrepancies. We hope this will further increase the integrity of our user’s data.

Invoice write offs

Pandle now has the ability to write off invoices easily. We have also included additional validations such as a checks to see if VAT can be reclaimed.

Coming Soon

Invoice reminders

On the way are invoice reminders. These will allow you to automatically chase up overdue customer invoices.

Chase up frequency and email the templates will be customisable. We hope this will improve our user’s cash flow and ease the burden of credit control.

Mobile App/API

The Pandle team have also been busy beginning work on the API, which means a mobile app is on the way, folks! When released, you’ll be able to invoice customers straight from your phone. We’ll then work on including the numerous other features which are already available in our webapp.

The API will mean other developers can work on products which integrate with Pandle, adding more value to their projects as well as benefitting you.

Keep an eye out for our app updates – we’ll give you a shout when it’s ready to go.


UI/UX Re-design

We aim to have the redesign pushed to production shortly once it has all been tested and approved.

Recurring Invoices

We’re preparing to add recurring invoices that will be automatically sent to your customers. This feature will be optional, and will be handy for users whose customers pay monthly or for those with a high volume of customers.

Bank Feeds

We’re currently looking into bringing bank feeds to our customers. This will cut out the need for CSV imports and will mean we can apply algorithms that better understand your transactions, which will help with automatic categorisation. We’ll keep you updated with our progress as it develops!

Paypal Integration

This will allow users to upload their Paypal statements and easily categorise the transactions in Pandle.

Got questions about the Pandle features? Give us an email on or leave us a comment in the section below!

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