The Best Sunny Cities for Freelancers

When the sun comes out all of us immediately think of holidays. However, if you’re working around the clock trying to get your freelance business off the ground, it might not seem like you’ll have time to book a sunny holiday this year.

But there’s hope! Cities in warmer climates are becoming increasingly freelancer-friendly, with facilities that allow you to continue working while relaxing in the sun. Ideal!

So this summer, try freelancing abroad and find out which sunny city is the perfect fit for you.


Renowned from its mosaics and architecture, Barcelona isn’t just a good option for the weather. Freelancers who love their food with find themselves in heaven with the excellent choice of restaurants – not to mention the two hour lunch break they’ll be able to enjoy.

The city is just big enough for public transport to be an option, but not a necessity, which is great for those who enjoy discovering cities on foot.

While you’re topping up your tan there’s plenty of places to freelance from, and with the average rent in the city centre for a one bedroom flat being around £550 there’s every reason to pack your bags immediately.

Chiang Mai

Freelancers thinking of heading to Thailand will probably be inclined to travel straight to Bangkok. And while Thailand’s capital has plenty to offer, there’s something much more appealing about being in a city that can also offer some R&R for your days off (if freelancers had days off of course).

Despite being a city dating back to 1296, Chiang Mai is a vibrant and contemporary place to live. Art galleries, co-working spaces and cafés are among some of the attractions that will appeal to freelancers in particular. Contrast this with the picture-perfect scenery, and you have the ideal city for a freelancer.

Chiang Mai also offers an inexpensive cost of living, with around £200 a month rent grabbing you a stylish one bedroom flat in the heart of the city.


Australia’s hot climate is one of the many reasons it attracts Brits. However, if you’re serious about freelancing abroad you’ll probably need a bit more of a reason to move than just the weather.

A supportive community of freelancers is one of the main points of attraction for the self-employed looking to head down under. Sydney has a growing number of co-working spaces which houses a strong freelance community.

Although Sydney’s freelance community is a hub of activity, the cost of living is notably higher than the UK. As well as this, you’ll need to purchase a VISA to be able to trade there, which can be a tedious and lengthy process. Not ideal for those looking for a quick getaway.

If you’re still not swayed, here’s a list of great spaces for freelancers to work in the city.


You might have only thought about heading to Milan if you’re hoping to work in the fashion industry or if you enjoy a lot of shopping. However, Milan has a lot more to offer than designer labels and large price tags.

The city on first look might not scream freelance, but Milan’s minimal tourist attractions gives it space to be a more industrial and modern city than those in the rest of the country.

The city has an active creative scene which will come as a breath of fresh air to the self-employed creatives among us who have struggled to find like-minded people in need of creative services.

Unfortunately, there are a few let downs to Milan as a freelancing city. If you enjoy your open spaces and fresh air, you might want to keep looking. Milan is infamous for its congested spaces and polluted air, which could take the fun out of freelancing.

Los Angeles

Dubbed the most popular spot for freelancers in the US, Los Angeles boasts a big freelance population, with 19% of households earning self-employed income. This means plenty of opportunities to network as well as a community used to working with freelancers.

On the other hand, living in one of America’s most popular and glamorous cities comes at a price. The work prospects are tempting, but if you’re just starting out as a freelancer with not a lot of money, you might want to try somewhere a little bit cheaper.

An inexpensive one bedroomed apartment can set you back around £1,235 per month, which isn’t a small amount of money to anyone – especially someone struggling to pay bills as it is.

If the price hasn’t put you off, then this could be the perfect city to boost your freelance career from. Not to mention, the temperature is a lot higher year round than any city in the United Kingdom!

Have you got a favourite freelancing city? Leave your opinions in the section below!


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