Five Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing Right Now

Everyone likes to think they can do it all. Unfortunately, no one built a successful business by taking on everything themselves. It pays to be well-rounded at tasks when it comes to business, but that doesn’t mean you have to excel in every aspect of it.

Don’t try to be a martyr of entrepreneurship. Accept that a good business is grown by recruiting the best people and recognising their potential, rather than assuming that you need to be a one-person-wonder in order to build a good company.

Outsourcing is the best and most cost-effective way to delegate work to others. It avoids the time-consuming task of hiring employees and gives you the freedom to continue the daily running of your business without interruption.

The next step after deciding to outsource is deciding what to outsource. You might not be ready to give up you brand new shiny website or your graphics that took hours of tinkering on Photoshop to create. Don’t get stuck in the superhero mind-set.

Figure out which parts of your business you should be outsourcing with a little help from our list below.


Can you get away with doing copy yourself? It’s possible, but we wouldn’t advise it.

You might think writing a few funny sentences for your website is all it takes, but there’s a lot more to it than that. To give your website value you should write up a blog and start posting on social media. This will help set the tone of your brand and promote your company values.

Content is a double edged sword; creating a tone is vital for the survival of your brand but it means anything you write will be a reflection on your company’s values. With that said, it might seem that trusting someone else with your content isn’t a desirable thing to do.

However, as long as you choose a good quality freelancer who has a portfolio of adapting to a brand tone of voice, you shouldn’t worry. An experienced copywriter will be able to replicate your tone of voice and convey it effectively in their copy.


As with content, you might think you can create graphics yourself. Anyone can buy Photoshop and start playing around with it, right? Of course they can. But the question to ask is could your time be better spent elsewhere? Sometimes you need to buy time to get things done; which can mean needing to outsource.

You won’t realise how much your business needs graphics until push comes to shove and you’re up until midnight trying to design a logo yourself. As a start up you won’t have much need for an in house graphic designer, which means the most effective option is to outsource.

A graphic designer can help you out with all the bits and pieces including; logos, banners, icons, infographics and website design. Don’t waste time trying to get these done yourself – heaven knows you’ve got enough on your plate! Outsource to a trusty graphic designer for a high quality product that reflects your brand.

SEO Services

Although it might baffle you and cause you to ask; ‘How can I need something I don’t understand?’ SEO services are a necessity. In short, SEO provides a service that keeps your website up to date and interesting to search engines. There’s little point having a website if it isn’t visible to potential customers!

Trying to learn about it yourself would take a substantial amount of time, and with the constant changes in the field it would mean continual updating. What used to work doesn’t work as well today, and what works today might not work as well tomorrow. All this change means trying to keep on top of it yourself. Rather than wasting your time on something someone else could do better, look outside your company for the services you need. You can learn more about SEO and get a free website review over at the Team Organic website.

Video Editing

Video is set to rise rapidly in 2016. Your business should always be focusing on the ‘next big thing’ whether you’re a small independent shop or a chain of online services. If you haven’t already spotted the popularity of video-based social media platforms, start taking note.

Getting closer to your audience should be the most important thing to your company, because the less you hide, the more they’ll trust you. Shoot some videos introducing your team, showing a tutorial or just a short clip of the office to post on social media.

These types of videos will boost your customer relationships. While you can film them yourself, you should outsource to a video editor for the technical bits. They’ll be able to remove background noise and image edit amongst other things, which will create professional videos for your site.


One of the most time consuming tasks business owners will encounter is their accounts. Not only does it take time to calculate which tax scheme you should be on and how much money you’d be saving, you’ll also need to keep up-to-date with changing HMRC policies and remember important dates, so you aren’t subject to any fines.

On top of all that, you’ll need to fill in your own tax returns, do your own payroll and keep your books up to date. We’re getting tired just thinking about it! Save your time and become more tax efficient by outsourcing to an accountant.

It’s a good idea to start looking for an accountant before you start trading as many accountants will also form your company as well to save you the hassle. An accountant can also advise you on the best moves to make as a business; both financially and professionally. You can grab yourself an online quote for our accountancy services over at The Accountancy Partnership website

What tasks do you outsource? Tell us in the comment section below!

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