Why Every Freelancer Needs a Dog

Freelancing can get lonely. If you’re working from home it can be difficult to justify a night out with your friends or a weekend away in the countryside. We’re not suggesting you’re a recluse, but managing the work and home balance (when your work is at home) can be tricky – especially for the first few months freelancing.

That’s why we’d suggest grabbing yourself a four-legged friend to give you some balance. Not only will a pet make an adorable addition to your family, you’ll be able to get out the house and enjoy some guilt-free fresh air!

They’ll Help You Keep Fit

Dogs make the perfect fitness coaches. Their energy means you’ll have to take them out in order for you to get any work done. Especially if you want to avoid the feeling of guilt that emits from the stares of unhappy puppies. Take a break from your work and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.

Even when it’s raining and the last thing you feel like doing is trudging through the mud, you need to get that pooch outside, so there’s really no excuse! Regular breaks and exercise will also keep your mind healthy too – meaning you’re probably creating a better product for your clients.


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Calming Influence

When you’ve got a tight deadline coming up you’ll probably be quite stressed. But that’s okay, because your four-legged friend will help you get through it. There’s a reason that universities have begun introducing ‘Puppy Rooms’ to combat exam pressure, and retirement homes and hospitals receive visits from pooches: because dogs are certified calming influences.

Dogs have a calming effect and their individual personalities can be the cause for plenty of laughs. Studies have shown that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression and that playing with a pet can elevate levels of dopamine and serotonin, which keep us calm and relaxed.

Keep Your Mind Engaged

Dogs are inquisitive beings. You can’t just switch off when there’s a puppy in the room. You need to have your eyes peeled in case he’s chewing your favourite upholstery or turning the laundry basket into a bathroom.

Training a dog is a great way to keep your mind active (in case your workload isn’t doing that already!). Dog obedience is an important part of the training where you can gain new skills as well as your dog. It requires an awful lot of patience and firm handling – traits which are transferrable to your freelancing!


More than anything a dog will be your best companion. They’ll sit with you when you’re struggling to get that last piece of work finished, and they’ll enjoy your sense of freedom once you’ve completed a project (park anyone?). They bring a sense of balance for freelancers who feel like they’re drowning in an enormous work-load.

A four-legged companion can really elevate the mood on a rainy day and provide a good laugh when you’re not feeling to great about your decision to make the leap from a full-time job to being your own boss.

Want to tell us about the pooch in your life? Drop us a comment below or send us a pic with your friends on Twitter!

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