Going Freelance Explained by British Music Icons

We like to keep things fresh here at Pandle. And you know what we haven’t done lately? Used British music icons to explain what happens when you decide to go freelance. You’re welcome.

Becoming a freelancer brings with it a lot of unexpected obstacles and tasks that you might not have thought of, and will probably begin to miss the security of a full time job. By knowing what to expect rather than jumping in blindly, you can pre-empt how to handle tough situations and adjust to the freelancer lifestyle. And what way to do that than with our favourite songs from British icons?

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

So. You’re in a nine to five job where you feel overworked, underappreciated and unsatisfied. It might not necessarily be a bad company you’re working for but if you’re not enjoying it, there’s not a lot you (or anyone else) can do.

It’s time to get out and go and find yourself some satisfaction! Your own business venture is just what you need to love your work again and remember why you started doing what you enjoy. There’s no point pushing on when you simply aren’t happy!

Life on Mars – David Bowie

I’m sorry, I have to do my own bookkeeping? What is this gibberish?

There’s a lot to get used to when you become a freelancer. Not least doing your own accounts. It’s all very new and disorientating, just like it would be if you tried to live on Mars *hold for tedious link applause*.

The best advice you can have at this point is to search the internet for like-minded freelancers – there’s plenty of tips on how to seamlessly transition from office worker to fully fledged freelancer.

Who Are You – The Who

Before you start working, you’ll need to get yourself some clients. This will require quite a bit of marketing. Get a website and some social media accounts and begin thinking seriously about how you want your brand to be. You should ask yourself, who am I targeting? What do I want my brand tone of voice to be?

Once you’ve answered these and come up with a business mission, you can begin getting the word out and voyaging into the cold hard world of marketing. Make sure you personalise your page (without sharing those photos of you hugging a tequila bottle) and inject some character. Then get your portfolio set up and start engaging with potential clients!

All of the Day and All of the Night – The Kinks

Say hello to your new working hours! We kid, kind of. You’re basically on call now that paying for food is on your own head. And while that is indeed a terrifying prospect, it also gives you the power that you were limited with in your full-time job.

These first few busy months are only hectic because you are the one making all the decisions. Once you start to get regular clients and a system you become used to, you can relish in the fact that you built all of this from scratch. Little ol’ you.

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

Through the first months it’s best not to evaluate whether you should go back to work. Unless you’ve had an epiphany about how your business venture of taming lions to become the perfect office pet isn’t such a great idea. Actually, what are we talking about? Go ahead. That is a fantastic idea and we’ll take three.

The point is, you shouldn’t compare your time in the office and working from home at this point. There are so many variables, and things are going to keep changing until you get comfortable, so don’t get down about it. Look forward and be excited for what’s to come.

Coffee and TV – Blur

No more small talk by the water cooler! Instead you get to relax on the sofa with a brew and enjoy re-runs of Friends whenever you like. This is a blessing when it comes to making the tea rounds and organising staff parties, but what about getting (and staying) motivated?

Don’t get too snug on that sofa, because while you’ve switched your office attire for your favourite slippers, you still need to do some work. More than ever you’re dependent on your own work’s performance to bring in the money, and if the numbers don’t go up, you’re bank account won’t either.

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

This is it! You moment of realisation. This is when you discover how fantastic being a freelancer is compared to working for ‘The Man’. You’re your own boss, you can create your own hours (even if they have to be lengthy) and you can have as many breaks as you need.

You’re working for yourself, you managed to your first bill as a freelancer and you’re eating meals that aren’t just beans – congratulations!

What’s your advice for those considering becoming freelancers? Leave your comment below or Tweet us @PandleCloud!



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