Get the Most from Your Lunch Break with These Essential Tips

Here at Pandle, we’re all about productive working. The nine to five hours aren’t for everyone, which is why we advocate regular breaks (which generally include tea) and a productive lunch. A good balance of breaks throughout the day can mean you’re able to get more done and not feel quite as sluggish when it’s time to leave.

Surprisingly, there’s more to a productive lunch break than putting your feet up and having a nap for an hour. Here are our top tips for you to get the most from your chowtime.


Well what else are we going to do on our lunch break, Pandle? We hear you cry. We know, it’s a pretty obvious one, but it’s still important! Your diet has a huge effect on your productivity. We’re not claiming to have the healthiest lunch every day, but noting what effect the food has on your efficiency is a good first step.

Try to have salad for a week, then sandwiches the next. Was there a big difference? Did it matter what you had in your sandwich? Of course, these tests are pretty ambiguous as many different factors can affect your productivity levels, but why not give it a try? If there’s a massive difference, you know where to start to become more industrious!


If your lunch break is the same time as the rest of the office, wander round and have a chat. Go out of your way to speak to people that you don’t chat to daily because their desk isn’t close to yours. This will keep the day interesting and build up office morale.

If your lunch isn’t at the same time as anyone else, go and give someone a ring. Spending your lunch break in isolation has a big effect on your mood and can change how productively you work for the rest of the day.

Leave the Office

As warm and cosy as your office is, and as unappealing as the blustery English weather may be, try to leave your office at lunch. Getting outside will give you a new lease of life! Blow away the cobwebs! Feel the wind in your hair! Be at one with nature!

Other than feeling great and being a good excuse for overusing exclamation marks, going outside can give you a bit of perspective on the day and brighten up your mood. Even just getting away from your desk separates your work from your break and gives your mind a rest.


Leaving the office will probably require you to do some walking, which is great for making you more productive. While you’re at it why not throw in a few lunges and press-ups? If you’re lucky enough to have one, get the blood pumping by taking advantage of the office gym.

Doing some star jumps in between checking your emails will give you the perfect boost at three o’clock on a Friday afternoon. You’ll feel more energized and will be able to put that energy into your work, which means more productivity. Wahoo!

Make Notes

So far we’ve been encouraging you to stop thinking about work when you’re on your break. Sometimes, it can be productive to get the ideas at the back of your mind out in the open. We aren’t suggesting that you spend your whole lunch break not actually having any kind of break. Instead, jump in between both and if it helps, even spend your entire day this way.

Having time off can give you inspiration for new ideas, but another train of thought may soon swoop in and make you forget all about it. Keep a notebook handy when you’re on your break in case any pearls of wisdom happen to drop by!

What are your top tips for having a productive lunch break? Leave your comments below!


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