Why Hacking Your Way to Entrepreneurship Won’t Work

We’re all looking for a quick fix to becoming successful. That’s why the ads and scams that lure us in with the offer of money get us hooked. Unfortunately though, we’ve been told you can’t become a hugely successful entrepreneur overnight (news to us!) and it takes something called “hard work” (don’t like the sound of that) to grow a business well.

You might have tried hacking your way to a successful business only to have it flop in the following weeks while you sit back and watch in despair. There are certain aspects of becoming successful you can’t get around unless you put in time and dedication. Here are some of the areas that you should definitely not be skimping on.

Learn Business Skills

If you’re on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur, the chances are you either have, or are hoping to create a company that will get you in the firing line for a huge chain of businesses. Doing this isn’t an easy task, and you shouldn’t expect to build an empire based on an Amazon eBook you bought a year ago and read the first chapter of.

Invest some time studying and even gaining qualifications in business and marketing to boost your likelihood of becoming successful. This isn’t a necessity of course – some of the most successful leaders have got on just fine without a single qualification to their name – but if you’re clueless on the workings of a business, it’s a worthwhile idea.

Invest Time and Money

If you’re hoping to get your business off the ground in a reasonable amount of time, you’ll need to spend a little money. It can be tempting to try and skimp where you can in order to invest money in other areas, but if you’re going to spend money, spend it well.

Spending little money in many areas can be great for certain things (do you need branded mugs or will you cope with ones from the pound shop?) but in other areas, it can really affect your morale. Splash some cash on your work area and website and reap the rewards.

Listen and Engage

Hear your customers and respond! Ignoring customers’ requests and not having a decent phone manner will certainly not help your business grow. Check out your market, communicate with industry leaders and hear the demands.

The main way leaders are connecting with their customers is through social media. Set up a professional account (no drunken selfies here, please) and start talking! It might take time, but if you don’t you’re going to lose customers to more chatty competition.

Be Prepared to Work 27/7

If you’re an ex office worker the appeal of setting your own work hours was probably a big draw to starting a business. We’re sorry to tell you that that’s rarely how it turns out. With big ambitions comes big responsibility, so don’t expect to be sitting in your pjs eating ice cream and watching Netflix for any length of time.

Entrepreneurs build successful businesses by having a proactive mind-set and preparing for the day ahead. So if you’re the type that can’t wait for work to be over so you can go and party on a Saturday night, you might want to think about keeping your day job.

Look at Cute Animal Pictures

No, really.

It may sound ridiculous but a 2012 study showed that there’s some truth to this! Apparently, if we gaze into the adorable eyes of a kitten for long enough, it can heighten our mood and increase certain aspects of productivity.

Hiroshi Nittono, Michiko Fukushima, Akihiro Yano and Hiroki Moriya reported that, “[The study] shows that viewing cute things improves subsequent performance in tasks that require behavioural [sic] carefulness”. So you’ve never had more of an excuse to watch baby animal videos!

What are your long-term tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur? Leave us a comment below!


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