The Fashion of Marketing

London Fashion Week has been and gone, and already it seems like the new lines are out of fashion. Keeping up with the latest trends can seem exhausting, and the same could be said for your businesses’ marketing technique. If it’s centuries old you won’t look very attractive to your customers and they will probably try somewhere a bit more fashionable.

Sometimes you just want to stick to what you know instead of trying something new. It’s a tiring process of creating and organising marketing techniques, for them to only be disregarded a week later and a new marketing technique to come along.

We’re not saying that trying a new outfit out isn’t great –there’s no doubt that online marketing is a small business game-changer. But there will always be the classic pieces that will live in your wardrobe for years to come and continue to be as timeless as ever.

The Suit

Nothing is more professional than a high quality suit. It’s the perfect outfit to wear when you’re ready to show off your business to the world, and meet others in the industry. A good suit is a classic way of exuding expertise even if you’re a start-up with little experience. There are plenty of varieties of suits but the bare bones of the structure will always remain the same – and be a timeless classic.

Likewise, networking comes in many shapes and sizes, but the essentials remain the same. Whether it’s at a networking event, a Facebook comment or a shared friend, getting involved with people who will spread the word about your business will give your company the boost it needs for extra customers.

The Brogue

Brogues have been a classic work staple for years, and will always be relevant (unless you’re embarking on a Mount Kilimanjaro climb). A good pair of shoes are ones that don’t wear, are easily fixed up and are your favourites.

Word of Mouth Marketing will always be necessary to businesses in order to grow their company.  Whatever fancy form of marketing you’re trying, the driving factor will be whether audiences are interested – and if they are, they’ll talk about it. You word of mouth marketing strategy should look a lot like that trusty pair of brogues; durable, fashionable and able to let you move forward!


Some might argue that these aren’t wearable past the age of five, but we have to politely disagree. For Sundays where the only thing you’ve got planned is a spot of gardening and a chat to the neighbours, then these are the perfect attire (not to mention exceptionally comfy). And what better place to wear your dungarees too than a summer community event?

Getting the word out about your business at a community event is a great form of local marketing.  Not only will you catch people on a good day (who isn’t happy when surrounded by wildlife and cheese fondues?) but you’ll also increase interest of your company, and maybe even sell a few items! This is a colloquial and easy way of speaking to people without having to suit up and give a presentation!


Dress up or down, the Little Black Dress will get you through any kind of event looking classy and elegant. These are perfect for any kind of award ceremony you have to brave – whether you’re a start-up or an experienced business person!

Although you might just be starting up your business, there’s no harm in entering yourself and your staff into some business awards. This will increase the workplace morale as well as getting the name of your brand out there. If you win you’ll even be able to build up accolades that will attract customers to come and shop with you – and show you’re a certified business.

The Flashy Piece

We all have that one flashy piece in our wardrobe that we’re proud of – no matter how much we deny it! It might be a fancy hat, a jazzy jacket or even a bright red pair of boots. The Flashy Piece is one to be worn when you’re hoping to impress, or maybe when fishing for a sneaky compliment!

Nothing will persuade customers to come and use your business more than great testimonials. If you’ve had customers singing your praises then it’s a lot more likely that others will come to you.  Customer testimonials are the marketing equivalent of The Flashy Piece; they’ll impress, be remembered and have people interested in you!

Trusty Jeans

Everybody has at least one pair of jeans that makes up their go-to outfit. Whether you’re dressing them up or down, wearing them smart casual or just plain casual, they’ll be the base of most of the outfits you own.

You could say that great content is a lot like a good pair of jeans (stick with us, we promise this will make sense!). There are so many different forms of content but if it’s bad content (or a bad pair of jeans) you aren’t fooling anyone. Sometimes bad content is more noticeable, for example in your blog or in video marketing, but it should always be the thing your focus on most to keep your marketing strategy at the top of its game.

Timeless Watch

The one accessory that will always be with you, and is ready to be of use at any time, is your watch. A watch says a lot more about a person than being a simple accessory, and this is particularly true in the business world. If you’re boasting a Rolex wrapped round your wrist, others might consider you to have a flashy kind of lifestyle where only the best quality will do, and a little extravagance never harmed anyone.

Likewise, your business card says a lot about your business and how you want your business to be perceived by customers. Are you a humble small business with attractive decorations at an affordable price? Or are you an elite company offering great SEO services with a price tag to match? Think carefully about the design of your business cards so you can represent your business mission effectively.

What marketing strategy can’t you live without? Leave us a comment below or tweet @pandlecloud!

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