Your New E-Marketing Trainer

Small businesses struggle to find time to learn about the latest social media tools, or create campaigns and interact regularly with their customers.

Social media tools are great for scheduling content – but what if you’re not actually sure how to do it? When you’re trying to create a successful business, it’s not a given that you’re tweeting about the weather or posting pictures of your dinner on Instagram.

If you’re completely new to the social media world, then there’s a new app in town that’s for you. Sombrero promises to teach small businesses how to market on social media effectively, and simply.

No faffing around with the different platforms – just log on to the app and perform tasks to set yourself up!

The Look

The Sombrero E-Marketing Trainer promises to get your small business off the ground. When you download the app you’ll begin with a walk-through of the app and how it can help your e-marketing campaigns.

Sombrero is one of the few apps that is tailored to small businesses’ online campaigns and is completely free. Despite not costing you a penny the interface isn’t cluttered with ads and pop ups. On the contrary, the app is actually clean and easy to navigate.

Getting Started

Once you’ve signed up you will be set 15 minute tasks each day. These are all very easy to begin with; even your gran knows how to send a tweet – it is 2016 after all.

Don’t dismiss it just yet though. As the tasks get progressively harder, your role becomes more involved. You’ll be asked to complete more varied and complex tasks the further into the app you get.

So far the app supports Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but with more updates it’s expected more social channels will function with the app. There is also a ‘Kickstart Blog’ feature which encourages the user to write about different topics and update their website’s blog regularly.

Share Tasks

The app also allows you to share tasks with other team members – working in one of the same ways as their pricey counterparts and social media manager tools. This function is arguably one of the best of the app, as you can progress further on social media by not completing every task yourself.

Any Level

The app is tailored to each user – meaning whether you’re a social media newbie or a pro, you can still get the best out of the app.

If your level is more ‘expertise’ and less ‘beginner’, you shouldn’t dismiss the app. Even when you’ve been using social media for an age, there will always be things to learn and trends to catch up with. Every social media manager has forgotten to complete a task at least once in their career!


Not only does Sombrero offer you great tips with keeping on top of your social media, but they give great tips for updating content.

If you’re no writer but want to keep the traffic coming to your site, this is a handy little tool to use. If you’re still struggling, sombrero’s own blog is full of great topics and is the perfect example to follow.

Have you used Sombrero? Leave a comment in the section below with what you thought – or if you’re thinking of using it!


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