Start-up secrets revealed: Top tips from successful Entrepreneurs

There’s nothing more satisfying and empowering than running your own business, but when you are faced with an unexpected challenge, there can be nothing more demeaning and disheartening. However, during the journey to success every entrepreneur and business owner will be faced with obstacles. It’s how they cope with these obstacles that will set them and their business apart from the competition.

So we have compiled a list of expert advice from some of the coolest entrepreneurs to help you overcome those obstacles and help your start-up succeed.

Don’t Give Up

“Start-ups don’t die, they commit suicide. In other words, 90 percent of start-ups fail because the founders get bored, discouraged or something else, and then move on to other things, not because of catastrophe. No matter how dark it is today, things will always be better tomorrow.” – Justin Kan, Justin TV.

Simplify Your Mission

“I would encourage other entrepreneurs to spend a lot of time boiling down what their business is, what it does and what it represents. If you nail down a 60-to-90 second synopsis that will pay a lot of dividend through the life of your business.”  – Eric Koger, Modcloth.

Ditch Your Safety Net

“As a senior at Babson, I lined up a job at Goldman Sachs. I thought I was pretty smart if IdeaPaint wasn’t working out. Looking back now, I realised that having that in hand was a reason not to push harder and higher. The day before the job started, I told them I wanted to pursue IdeaPaint. They thought I was crazy, but I think it has worked out pretty well.” – John Goscha, IdeaPaint.

Exceed Expectations

“We knew we only had one shot at this, so there was nothing throughout our start-up that we didn’t purposely over-deliver-on, from the way we pitched our distributors and investors to the way we rolled out in the market. If you always over-deliver, it is going to draw attention and you will likely be successful. – Jeff Avallon, IdeaPaint.

Be Nimble

“The landscape no longer changes every two, three, four years like it did in 2002. If you’re not quick enough on your toes, you will miss opportunities.” – Tristan Harris, Apture.

Don’t Go It Alone

“Surround yourself with an awesome team because you’re going to need them to overcome all the obstacles that come with starting a company. Lots of people have great ideas that they try to tackle by themselves, but I think it’s almost impossible to do everything by yourself.” – Emily Olson, Foodzie.

Do What You Love

“It is a common saying, but vitally important. The more you enjoy your job, the easier it is to work, and that’s important, especially when starting up your own company. You will be amazed at the amount of time and energy it will take to make your company successful.” – Jamail Larkins, Ascension Aircraft.

How do you overcome obstacles in your business? What tips help your business to succeed? Let us know in the comments below.

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