5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Superheroes!

When it comes to the strength of character and ability to persevere through tough times, no entrepreneur can even start to compete with the likes of Superman, Spider-man, Batman and Wonder Woman. However these heroes can teach even the most successful entrepreneur a lesson or two.

Here are 5 key lessons we can draw from our Superheroes:

  1. Super Powers – Extraordinary strength, flexibility, agility and the crazy ability to set things on fire and stretch to unheard lengths are amongst some of the powers superheroes possess. The powers of an entrepreneur may appear pale in comparison to the likes of these Superheroes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have them! The trick is understanding your own strengths and weaknesses. Entrepreneurs need a healthy dose of self-awareness in order to know what they excel at, what they need more help with and what they ultimately struggle with. This self-awareness helps to build better businesses, stronger teams, and asking for help when needed. The humble ability to know when they need assistance can be the mark of a true super-entrepreneur.
  1. Branding – Superhero’s succeed in their ability to create and sustain a brand image. The costume, logo, masks and capes! One of the hallmarks of a great superhero is to be recognised instantly, whether in person or by something left behind. Who wouldn’t recognise Super Man soaring through the sky in a flash of red and blue? Entrepreneurs must focus hard on creating a brand value for their own companies through creating strong visual iconography that is memorable and differentiates them from the competition.
  1. Resourcefulness – Just when you think the villain has trapped our hero and cannot possibly find their way out of another confrontation, superheroes manage to squeak out of the grasp of their tormentor and turn the tables so decisively that evil is defeated and the forces of good prevail! The lesson here for entrepreneurs is that you should not give up and that there is always a solution, that creativity and ingenuity and strength will win the day instead of giving into pressure and failure.
  1. Perseverance – Hand in hand with resourcefulness is perseverance. Superman is the ideal hero who represents this determination. Remember when Lex Luthor hung the necklace of kryptonite around our hero’s neck, and drained his strength in front of our very eyes? Yet Superman managed to break free in time to save the world from destruction. Entrepreneurs can learn a great deal about perseverance and tireless effort from Superman and his pals.

Values – Morality should be high on any entrepreneurs list. Name a superhero who doesn’t have a strong moral code! Even the darkest of superheroes are motivated by their sense of right and wrong. When a hard decision needs to be made, all entrepreneurs should always take the high road and build their business on a foundation of honesty, transparency and principals.


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