A 24-Minute Morning Routine to Becoming an Entrepreneurial Rock Star!

As an entrepreneur time is one of your most coveted and scarce resources, right? You’d do anything to have a little more time. Maximising pockets of time in your day through a productive routine is crucial, especially in a morning.

The most important period of your day is when you first wake up. Having a morning routine can set you up for a massive success for the whole day. You can either chose to stay in bed, hitting snooze on repeat and dreading the alarm, or you can set yourself up for a productive day with the introduction of a simple 24-minute routine.

Most of this routine you’re probably doing already, in one way or another. If you follow this format and stick with it you’ll find it easier to get out of bed in the morning feeling renewed and looking forward to what lies ahead.

Here’s 6 steps to becoming an entrepreneurial rock star.

  1. Brush those teeth! – 2 minutes of teeth brushing should be one of the first things you do when you get out of bed to get rid of that night time bacteria!
  1. Drink water – 1 minute, just like your mouth is dry from the night, the rest of your body and brain need water after your sleep. It is a long known secret that drinking water as soon as you get up, i.e. before eating anything is a good way to purify your internal system.
  1. Meditation – 7 minutes of meditation is great way to start off the day with a clear and calm head. Of course you can do it for longer but 7 minutes is an ideal time to achieve stillness and silence in a busy entrepreneurs mind.
  1. Focus! – A little different to meditation as the key is in the intention behind the action. With 5 minutes of focusing you can prioritise your list of activities for the day. This doesn’t have to just involve your work life but also thinking about when you return home and how to manage your time. Nobody likes going to bed feeling that they could have made more effort, you want to look back on the success of the day’s outcomes and look forward to the next. 5 minutes of focusing means you can make sure you achieve this feeling daily.
  1. Exercise – Finding time to exercise whilst running your own business can sometimes be quite difficult, especially after a busy day of planning, meetings and other activities. However setting aside 7 or so minutes in a morning to work out is a great way to get the body moving.
  1. Stretch – 2 minutes of stretching after a quick blast of exercise is essential, especially if you’re planning on sitting at a desk all day. As we age, we are less flexible. You don’t have time for pulled muscles or any other physical limitations that can often come with a stress-packed and entrepreneurial lifestyle.

After these short and simple steps you’ll be ready to hop in the shower and attack your day. Keep yourself strong, healthy and mentally fit with this simple but effective morning routine!

As an entrepreneur what does your morning routine consist of? Do you have any extra tips we could use?

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