Business Tips: Injecting Personality into Your Brand

One of the most appealing aspects to customers is a business and brand that is full of personality and a unique persona. We’ve put together a few ways you can inject personality into your business.

A strong brand brings trust

Firstly, a brand that has personality can make customers feel that they are dealing with a person rather than a business. This is all good as long as you have a consistent voice that matches the personality of your company. If your company takes a light heartened approach to business, try injecting some jokes and humour into your social media updates. In contrast, if your business has a more serious approach, stick to the facts to attract consumers who appreciate that perspective. Being consistent is the most important aspect. Inconsistency within the personality of your business has the potential to confuse customers who want to spend their time and money on things that they know and trust.

With regards to your social media activity, once you find your brand’s voice make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to use it. As people become more aware of your business, they are more likely to post questions and comments to your social media profiles. This is a perfect time to use your brand voice and create a cohesive personality for your business. The sooner you can respond to questions, the more active and engaged your brand will appear.

Get social!

Social media also makes it possible for your brand to become friends with other brands. It’s a good idea to surround yourself with similar business interests that won’t distract your audience. Find and link with brands that add to your company’s personality. Business hours on Twitter are a great way to interact with other likeminded people.

Give your brand a home, where people can always learn more about your company and its services. That home is your business blog. A blog is a great space to also reveal the personality of your business and express your brand voice while entertaining and informing customers. People who visit your blog should feel like they are hearing your advice or information directly from you.

Brand visuals

Finally, videos and images let you add a visual dimension to your brands identity. Twitter and Facebook aren’t necessarily the right place for consistent sharing of articles, but are perfect for spreading videos and images surrounding your business. It’s a great way to attract the customer attention!

How do you inject personality into your business?



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