Cloud computing, the platform for economic recovery?

Mobile web usage is set to outstrip that on desktops before the end of this year. With this in mind it is clear that cloud-based services are more vital for businesses than ever before. Cloud technology is looking to dominate businesses- both large and small. It has proven successful in improving administrative efficiency and in helping organisations stay ahead of the competition.

There is no doubt that digital technology is fast evolving, and is rapidly becoming an essential tool for businesses looking to improve the efficiency of their business. Alongside this cloud technology is also quickly evolving from merely a system for storing data into a multifaceted ecosystem! It not only allows for the practical storing of data and the efficient management of data but also the use of resources and effective outsourcing of access across a range of devices.

As such the cloud can be seen as a great incentive for businesses to work harder. But what effect can this have on the economy?

Employment opportunities

It was recently announced by Scottish Conservative Chairman, David Mundell that accepting the cloud into business would offer employment opportunities and help to reduce costs.

It is believed that the cloud can help companies to expand and be more profitable. Plans are also in place to continue introducing the cloud into further parts of the public sector.

According to Mundell “Technologies such as cloud computing can have a real impact on competitiveness, creating new ways to deliver services as well as reducing costs”. This can be seen in the development of cloud accounting services!

Cloud accounting

As the cloud continues to change our use of computing more energy is being pumped into ways it can improve other sectors.

A prime example of cloud computing is the introduction of cloud-based accounting services, such as Pandle. It is now considered to play a key role in improving data handling for many businesses, as well as improving online presence and customer interaction.

The main idea behind cloud computing relies on the interconnectivity of a great number of devices through a secure network. This enables rapid communication across the globe and at unprecedented levels of security!

One of the many benefits of using cloud accounting is that it is often cheaper than using traditional software and is usually a low monthly subscription. It is clear to see that not only is cloud computing changing the way we do business but it is also helping to improve the economy across a range of industries.

Find out more about the benefits of cloud accounting

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